Thursday, October 6, 2011

9 Months, Pumpkins, & Apple-Pie Sauce

My little girl is growing up too quickly. Way too quickly.
Technically she is still a baby;  in less than a week she will be 9 months old ... but how is this possible when it was just last week she was born? It's hard to believe she was once so small now that she is starting to look like a toddler in her big-girl pajamas.

These days are passing too quickly, so I am determined to savor every sweet moment. Event the moments such as now, when she is tearing apart the nursery behind me and talking to me in the little language only she understands. That's my little girl. 

Hadley and Me

First trip to the pumpkin patch... she wanted them all.

Favorite fall thing we've been doing this week..... making and canning applesauce. {Mmm.. Yum!}
Once you go homemade, there's no going back. It is just not the same. 

Here is my favorite recipe. It's simple, easy, and tastes jut like Apple Pie! Hence, I call it:

Apple-Pie Sauce

  • 6-7 Apples {I like Honey Crisp Best}
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • 1/2 Cup Raw Sugar
Peel, core and chop apples. {I don't have a fancy apple peeler, so I just use a potato peeler and an apple cutter, then chop the slices into chunks}
Place apple chunks in a pot with 1/4 cup of water, then sprinkle Cinnamon across the top {I never measure here, I just go by look.. enough to almost cover the top} and add a few dashes of Nutmeg, then mix around. Heat on Med-High until you hear a bubbling boil, then turn the heat to Med-Low and cover. 
Let apples simmer until soft and mushy, then use a potato masher to smash to sauce. Add 1/2 Cup of Raw Sugar and mix and mash some more. 
Then eat at least one bowl while still warm. Delicious. 

I like it in my oatmeal, my husband likes it on toast with Peanut Butter, and we all like to heat it up and eat it as a dessert. Hadley likes the sugar-free version. {Mostly because that's the only one she's had.}


  1. I always love your posts. The part about time passing too quickly, "she was just born last week" that's how I feel about you!

    Love you

  2. Y'all are DOLLS! And I can SMELL your sauce. Heavenly! On ice cream, too, I'd imagine.



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