Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Season for Change

Those of you who faithfully follow this blog may have noticed a change or two. Or maybe you concluded that some new blog had popped up in your feed you never remember subscribing to. Thanks for reading anyway. :)

Back in October we decided to take "Kaylee At Home- Journal of a Homemaker" and restructure it a bit. Rather than from just one perspective, we determined that together we want to share with you the stories of our life with this online family journal.

Of course we needed a new title to fit, and were careful in our choosing.

So, why "A Family Planted"?

We felt the title should be a reflection of us. Not just in our current state, but-by the grace of God - who He's calling us to be.

Psalm 1:1-3 AMP
" Blessed (happy, fortunate, prosperous, and enviable) is the man who walks and lives not in the counsel of the ungodly [following their advice, their plans and purposes], nor stands [submissive and inactive] in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down [to relax and rest] where the scornful [and the mockers] gather. 
 But his delight and desire are in the law of the Lord, and on His law (the precepts, the instructions, the teachings of God) he habitually meditates (ponders and studies) by day and by night.
 And he shall be like a tree firmly planted [and tended] by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season; its leaf also shall not fade or wither; and everything he does shall prosper [and come to maturity]."

This is our desire: to be like that tree firmly planted- our roots grounded in the Word of the Lord and our lives yielding the fruit of His Spirit- that we may be stedfast, unmovable, and always abounding in the work of the Lord. {1 Corinthians 15:58}

The intent of this blog is not to lead you to believe that we have a perfect life, have it all together, or you should think like we think and do as we do. Neither is our goal to attain a large following or sponsors to acquire additional income.

The purpose for this blog is :
  • a place to keep our families and friends informed on the happenings {big and small} of our home
  • to share our stories and encouragement to those who can relate to the seasons of our life
  • a place for Kaylee to share her homemaking passions- recipes, crafting, organizing, and DIY home decor
  •  to testify of the faithfulness and goodness of Jesus Christ; and share our hearts in a simple, honest way as we grown in Him  

At times you may hear from us often; at other times we may post sparingly. We hope to inspire some, as many have inspired us.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Simple Thanksgiving Table

While most have moved on to Christmas, we are still pretty stuck on Thanksgiving here.
We hosted a family dinner a few nights ago, and so it felt appropriate to get the table ready.

Here is our simple Thanksgiving table.

Yes, we use mason jars for drinking glasses and we're hooked. No refills needed; those babies will carry you through to dessert! And we're quite fond of the quaint, cozy look.

We enjoy the vibrant, inconsistent colors of real pumpkins and squash. 

Beautiful farmhouse table and bench built by my husband and father-in-love.
We haven't yet bought chairs so we just steal the ones from the kitchen table.

For place setting cards I used these printable tags from Jones Design Company.

I like the message they send. 

Ready for feast and fellowship.

How are you preparing your home this year?

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


"Voting is a right that we are privileged to have in this country. Make sure you exercise it. We are not going to agree with anyone else on this planet 100%. Make sure that you are voting for your values. The powers that be are ordained of God, but on which side of the issues do you stand? So go out and vote today, take advantage of your liberty. Many gave up a lot for you to have it, don't let it go to waste. Vote your values, don't let those in power think that no one thinks like you do anymore. "
- Jenn Lohrman

We voted.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Autumn Getaway: The End

It was just what we needed. 

Quality time together. Just our little, three-person family. No "shop talk"; very little cell service and WiFi; no schedule or demands. It was refreshing.

And then the night before our "last day of vaca" we decided to do something bold. We snuck home and told no one

We wanted to wake up in our own beds, eat at our own table, and visit the local fun places close to home.

First stop was the Children's Museum.

This was the only shot we got because little Chipmunk was running every where.

Then it was off to a local Pumpkin Patch/ Farm/ Mud hole, where Hadley got to ride a cow named Peaches.

And we paid a visit to Wilbur...

.. and his friends...

... and Thanksgiving dinner.

We appreciated their clever take on the traditional hay-ride...

... we just didn't feel red-neck enough.

But before we left, we found the perfect pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Autumn Getaway: Part Two

Warning: Picture Heavy Post

Our first night we spent cozy-ing up to the fire. I wish now I had captured our environment and these moments... but... well, we were just too comfortable and getting that camera out was too much work. 

The Chipmunk was thrilled to have 110% of our attention, however, by day two she was done with us and just wanted to call Grandma. Here she is trying to get a signal. 

We can only take so much sitting and relaxing. We ventured out to see the local countryside.

Little ol' mining town.

Two amazing views. 

Love those chipmunk cheeks and monkey ears


Incredibly blessed,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Autumn Getaway: Part One

Warning: Picture heavy post.

Last week we took a break from civilization. Packing up our winter warms; ingredients for a simmering pot of baked potato soup; a few books and a camera- we headed up to a cozy mountain cabin.

It was just the chilly breath of fresh air that we needed.

And the drive was breath-taking. 

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
- William Cullen

Yep. Breath taken.


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