Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Autumn Getaway: The End

It was just what we needed. 

Quality time together. Just our little, three-person family. No "shop talk"; very little cell service and WiFi; no schedule or demands. It was refreshing.

And then the night before our "last day of vaca" we decided to do something bold. We snuck home and told no one

We wanted to wake up in our own beds, eat at our own table, and visit the local fun places close to home.

First stop was the Children's Museum.

This was the only shot we got because little Chipmunk was running every where.

Then it was off to a local Pumpkin Patch/ Farm/ Mud hole, where Hadley got to ride a cow named Peaches.

And we paid a visit to Wilbur...

.. and his friends...

... and Thanksgiving dinner.

We appreciated their clever take on the traditional hay-ride...

... we just didn't feel red-neck enough.

But before we left, we found the perfect pumpkin.

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