Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's Catch Up- Part Two

So last time we chatted I left you hanging. For a long time. 
Just keeping with the consistency of a bi-annual post. ;o) I will work at getting better at this.
Because I don't keep a journal- so this is where I sit down, document life, and remember even the little moments.

September was a month of traveling for us. A two day mountain-resort business trip, two family vacations (one with each side), and a couple of check-ins at the beloved farm.
Summer's End Farms- Sept 2014

Riding through cherry orchards on the gator.

October was spent preparing for our baby boy, anticipating his arrival, and ignoring any pressures of those trying to hurry him along. Excited as we were, we were not in a hurry. Our goal was to savor these last days with Hadley before life changed and changed big.

As we came down to those last days surrounding my due date, we began taking daily/nightly walks as a family. And on a friend's recommendation I began taking evening primrose oil and drinking more raspberry leaf tea. Anything to get my body ready and a step or two ahead.

The last saved picture I have of myself pregnant before my phone was stolen.
Taken October 3rd- 37 weeks pregnant.

My due day came and went, as I knew it would, and then on November 1st he came.
More sweet and beautiful then I could possibly have dreamt or asked for, our son.

Parker Reed Johnstone

Soon I will sit down and share his birth story with you. Before I forget the little details.

Happy Friday to you and yours!


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  1. I did a little squeal! I know most of your life but I still enjoy it in blogger form! Yes that birth story needs told! Xoxo



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