Monday, February 2, 2015

Almost 30

A view from Summer's End farms- Fall 2013

Last week I turned 29.

In my mind thats just the same as 30. I round up; I can't help it.

But even just getting close to the big 3-0 has me thinking. Reflecting.
Wow, what a difference 10 years can make.

When I was coming into my 20's I felt like I had to prove to the world that I knew what I was doing and I wasn't just some kid.

However, as I approach 30, I confidently confess that I am still just a kid and honestly have no idea what I am doing. I do not have the proverbial "bull" by the horns.

Every day I somehow mess it up; do it wrong; wish I coulda woulda.
Thank goodness His mercies are new every morning.

I consistently fall short. I drop the ball.  I am weak.
Yet faithfully, His grace is sufficient for me.

I absolutely, 100% do not have it all together. And in those naive moments when I begin to think I've got it all under control the walls of my life and the structure of my little kingdom start to crack and crumble- because He loves me enough to humble me. 

So at the age of almost-30, I am aware more than ever that I need Jesus. Bottom line.
If anything gets accomplished, its by His grace. And should I witness or take part in anything great, its only a demonstration of His power and the working of His Spirit.

And His faithfulness... well, now thats something I can bank on.

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