Monday, February 13, 2012

Keeping It Clean

Cleaning: it never ends. And somehow I'm okay with that.  We genuinely live in our home.

Just substitute our names for "children" and you've pretty much got that right. Except one thing... we also appreciate order. I've always felt that mess equals chaos and clutter brings confusion, and so we strive to keep a clean, warm and welcoming home.

Okay, I realize that statement may not be popular... but that's just how we roll. :) To each their home. { pun intended}

Early in our marriage I kept a mental list of every job to be completed. Once "pregnancy brain" hit, I found that I had to write everything  down just to keep my mind straight and on task. When I entered the nesting stage my list doubled- and I loved it. 
Once Baby was born it was back to the drawing table, because "cleaning" as we knew it took on a hit-and-miss schedule of it's own.

A few months ago I discovered the most wonderful thing. The Money Saving Mom's  "Daily Cleaning List" closely resembled my own, expect for the pure genius of planning out every chore {even the most obvious} around  meal schedules. Every thing else is split by day of the week. And those jobs that I rarely got around to are split into a Monthly/Semi-Annual List.

So I gave her list a try for a week and then adapted it to fit our home. Here are my lists:

So why am I sharing this with you???

Because now less is more. I have found with this new routine our house is consistently clean {the more} and I spend less time working for that. {the less}

This for me has meant more play-time with the Sweetie- pie; more one-on-one time with my Nick; more free time for the fun projects {when I'm feeling crafty}; more time to get those work-outs in; more time for reading; etc. 

I realize as time passes and life changes that we will rearrange and adapt this schedule. And no, I am not a Nazi about my lists. However, right now... this is really working for us. :)

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