Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yesterday was kind of a big deal.

After almost two years of Nick's youngest sister Rachel living with us, we packed up her belongings into two cars and moved her into her new {beautiful} apartment.

Hadley, Rachel, and Nick- moving her in
Her amazing view

Two years is not a lifetime... unless you're Hadley Grace.

Since Rachel moved in when Hadley was just four months old, she has been with us as long as Haddie can remember. And Hadley simply adores her "Tee Tee" Rachel. And her shoes. And her purse.And her socks. And, well... anything  that belonged to Rachel.

Most evenings Hadley would work her way into Rach's room to distract her from homework by jumping on the bed while singing, "No more monkeys jumpin' on the bed!" Or sometimes she would go in and cozy up with TeeTee {auntie} and chat for some girl-time. These were their special moments together.

We are thrilled for Rachel and this new chapter of her life- but we sure will miss her!!!

During her time with us she became one of my very dearest friends. We've walked through some life changes together, and I am ever thankful for her support, honesty, encouragement, and the bond we now will always share. My sister and my friend.

So yes, it may have been just a Monday... but yesterday was kind of a big deal.

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