Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catching Up

First day of vacation and I'm up at 6:30. What's wrong with this picture?

Nick and Hadley are still asleep, so perfect time to catch up!

Where to start?
Almost three months have come and gone since you and I last chatted. {I wrote; you read} So much to tell you, instead I will just highlight some things I have worked on.

Hadley's baby dedication was beautiful! And it meant so much to feel the love and support of family and friends,.
Here is a little picture of Hadley Grace in on that day:

Looking at this picture now, she seems so tiny then!

Now, for projects...

I am mostly a DIY {Do It Yourself} kind of gal- when and IF possible.

Learning to be a wife and mother who willingly "works with her hands", I've taken up the art of sewing.

I had fallen in love with "knot dresses"and the cute little matching pantaloons. My options were A) buy one dress, or B) for the same price make three! Guess which I chose?
{Forgive the not-so-professional blurry photos... this little girl is always moving}

I found a pattern on Etsy and then just made adjustments to my liking. :) See here.

Last week was our church's All-Congregations Camp-Out, and even though we are well into summer the greater Seattle area apparently hasn't received the memo. The weather here is not to be trusted. Thank God for hoodies!

Would you believe I searched high and lo and there were no baby hoodies to be found? And then just when I had almost given  up, I found some on the back clearance rack... on the BOYS side of the store! 

So, how do we turn a boy's hoodie into something girlie? Well, I got inspired by my new friend Amy, over at Evy's Tree... and so I added a little pink owl.

Super cute with her matching bow! Not perfect, but it got the job done. ;o) I may try my hand at one for the 4th of July!Now, before I say goodbye...Since my last post I have stumbled across a few more blogs that I really like... here's one definitely worth sharing:

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