Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer = Watermelon

I love Summer.

I love the sights of summer: the flowers and freshly manicured lawns.
I love the sounds of summer: sprinklers running and neighborhood kids playing.
I love the scents of summer: BBQ's, bonfires, and sunblock.
I love the heat: you know that kind that makes you want to do absolutely nothing but drink water and eat cold fruit all day? 
I love that people are happy because it's sunny out, so they'll give you a friendly wave as you pass by.
I love that days feel longer and more productive because it stays light outside later.
I love the Iced Teas, both Green and Sweet. 

But mostly...
I love the watermelon!


I used to know nothing about picking out a good watermelon. Oh, I pretended to know {like everyone else around me} picking one up, looking it over carefully {for who knows what}, and then of course rejecting it before continuing on to another. Really I would just find one that looked pretty and hope for the best!

However, my good friend Susan recently taught me the trick..

How To Pick The Best, Sweetest, Juiciest Watermelon- 101:

First, look for the big yellow patch on the side of the watermelon. This tells you that the melon was actually laying in the field long enough to ripen.

Second, look for lots of black specks, almost dirt-like, at the tip where the stem used to be.This is the sugar coming out and tells you it's a sweet one!

Okay, so maybe you're a pro and already knew all of this? Well, it was news to me... and proved tried-and-true twice this week! {Yep, we eats lots of watermelon}

{Thanks, Sue!}

How do you pick your watermelon?

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