Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Tomorrow is my wonderful mother's birthday; her ##st!
Mom and me.

If you have ever met my Mom, then you already know that she is the ultimate mother. Her love and nurture extends beyond us kids, and spills over to every one around her. She is protective and loyal; she strives to always be fair; she makes sure everyone feels included and sees to it that you have everything you need.

Mom is a giver. If you need it and she has it, she will give with great love. {She is cheerful about it too!}

There are so many things I respect  and appreciate about my mother... too many to list. However, allow me to share just a few:

- Mom prays {out loud}. Always has. In fact, I have very specific memories of listening to her pray for me! Because of this I know that when she says  she is praying for one of us girls, she really is.

- Mom has always made time for us. Usually this was in the evenings as we were preparing for bed. When we were little she read {or made up} stories. As we grew older she would talk to us about our day and maybe what was planned for the next. She let us talk, and she listened. We knew we had a safe place with her, so we were never afraid to tell her anything. {Even in those times when it meant we possibly would get into trouble.}

-Mom was never afraid to tell us "no". She even disciplined us. Of course, when I was a kid, I never believed her when she would say, "this hurts me more than it will hurt you.." but now that I am a mother I completely understand. She knew what was best for us, and that spoiled children become selfish adults.

-Looking back through every different season of her life, it seems that Mom has always had her hands full! I can't imagine how she felt the day that her baby was only three months old and she found out that she was pregnant with another. {Me!} Yet she has always handled things in stride and with grace.

-Mom has been involved is so many ministries; not because she just needs to be busy, but because she has a servant's heart. Bible studies, Children's, Youth, Prison Ministry, Music, Christian Education... those are just a few! And now with one grown daughter still at home, when she could be kicking up her feet, she is involved in  a volunteer Chaplaincy program at our local hospital. :) Proud of her.

I could keep going... but we would be here all day!

Mom, just want you to know that I am so very blessed to call you my mother. Thank you for being who you are to me {and my daughter}. I love you. Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom, she is a beautiful lady!! Such a wonderful post about your mom, it is a blessing to have such godly examples for your parents!!

  2. What a precious treasure (your godly mother) and what a beautiful way to honor her. A very happy birthday to her!

    Kelley Dibble



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