Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catching Up: Projects

Where did we leave off? 

Moving, sick, Independence Day...

The weekend immediately following the holiday Hadley was tickled-pink to spend some time with her cousin and best bud, Noelle. {Known in this house as "Noellie-Bellie"} I like to refer to the girls as "the twins"... not because they look anything alike, but because they are only 6 days apart in birth.

Cousin Love

That same weekend Nick's parents were so gracious to come and help with a couple of projects. Well, two. How much can you really cram into one Saturday? {One day we'll test that}

I had asked Nick to build me a dining room table. A big, rustic ol' farm-house table. A mix between Pottery Barn's Benchwright and Cortona tables, with enough room to sit 8-10 people. I have dreams of the dinners, game nights, holidays, and high-chairs that will fill this space!

So my builder-husband and carpenter-father-in-law got right to work. And isn't she a beauty?

All ready to be sanded and stained! I love the character of the wood. Oh, and it seats 10-12. Happy wife here!

Unfortunately, I did not record the process... but you can find a simliar tutorial here

So, where is this monstrosity of a table gonna go? Well we're parking in our formal dining room. 

This room is one big canvas of walls and floor. But we've got some plans brewing.

Meanwhile... my mother-in-law and I were inside making some stripes happen. 

On the staircase wall -opposite the dining room- we measured up every 10 inches and then taped inside the not-to-be-painted  stripes with blue painters tape.

Next, using our fingers we ran some caulking {very little} along the the inside edges of the to-be-painted stripes. {Learned this trick from our builder} This part took the longest, but it was worth it. Doing this makes for sharp, clean lines once the tape is removed. 

We were very pleased with the results!
Hoping to find an old sideboard to replace the pitiful entry table.

I hear the baby crying, so that's it for today. We'll catch up more tomorrow.

Feeling inspired,

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