Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer is Precious

Summer is precious. This summer in-particular.


Because we will never get it back. 

Every experience we had and moment we passed will from here on out be just warm memories. 


We cannot stop the clock; fall will be here soon. And yes, Summer will come again, but it won't be the same because we won't be the same. We will each be older {hopefully wiser} and in the new season of life the Lord has in store for us at that time. 

We could attempt to re-create, but we can never relive these days. 

God is working in my heart. I used to feel as though busyness = productivity. And I like feeling productive. Maybe because then I feel justified. 

Spending today preparing to live tomorrow... of this I am guilty. 

I cannot go back and reclaim those moments. But I can repent. I can choose a new course of direction. 
I can throw out the clock and savor each moment of conversation, play-time, learning, growing and relaxing. 

Summer is precious. This summer in-particular.


Lost time is never found again. 
-Benjamin Franklin


  1. Amen to that. "Swiftly go the days... Sunrise, sunset."

    This post is a re-reader! Love x 18.

  2. Oh, Kaylee...I loved this post. The photos, the words, everything. Such a beautiful reminder. Hope your summer continues to be smashing!
    Kristina J.

  3. aww what a cute baby :)
    I love this post!!



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