Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad.

{I looked everywhere for my zip-drive with our old family pictures, but to no avail. I've attached the few I had saved to my desktop}

Today Dad is 54. I know he doesn't mind my sharing his ripe old {er, young} age because to him this means 54 years wiser. And he is.
Dad's a winker. Just part of his charm.

Dad has always been pretty awesome in my book. 

When we were little he traveled a lot. There were times he would let one of us skip school that day to ride along with him, just so he could spend some one-on-one daddy/daughter time with us. We would just talk. And eat beef jerky.

Dad has always been a little intense; both in work and play. His kisses were rough, his squeezes were tight, and boy does he love us girls. Laurin was his "Skinny Bones" {no need for explanation there}. I was  his"Kaylee-Bird" because my top lip would curl up little a beak with I cried. Tara Jean was his "Tare-Bear", " Muppet", and "Little Bugget" because... well, we have no idea where he got those names. By the third child he was just winging it. 

Dad is a singer. He likes to sing. Loudly. Let me clarify... he likes to sing with every part of his being. He requires no microphone. Dad has soul. 

Dad baptizing me when I was 8 yrs old.
Dad prays. He begins the moment he steps out of bed. He gets louder in the shower. Then sometimes periodically just walking through the house. He prays even more still while driving down the road, and no, he does not care if the windows are rolled down. Dad doesn't hesitate to pause mid-conversation and say, "Let's pray right now." And if you are sick, he will lay hands on you. Dad prays. 

Dad has a big, soft, giving heart. He has a compassionate heart. He loves people. Dad has never been "made of money", yet he's always given. Money. Food. Time. Even his dream car, the Jaguar, he easily gave to a family in need.  This is a man I admire.
A picture taken when Mom and Dad visited churches in Nicaragua. 

He is an entrepreneur. We occasionally give him grief over his many new ideas, but the fact remains... we are very proud of Dad. Paleta factory; Mexican restaurant; store deliveries; limousine service; author; and now a thriving iPhone/iPad repair business. {Larry's iPhone Repair} It doesn't matter the form or fashion, the Lord continually gives grace and blesses the the work of Dad's hands.

Dad holding on tight before walking me down the aisle.
Dad always got us involved. If it was time to mow the lawn he would make you go change your shoes {no sandals} and then teach you how. Outsides and corner first, then keep the line down the middle of the mower. See, Dad, I remember.

Dad made sure we were in attendance at every youth event. He understood that fellowship and ministry are vital to a teenager's relationship with God. But here's the kicker:
He never once complained about the gas he used to get us there, nor the money he gave us for food or events. 
He had perspective of the bigger picture... investing into our hearts.

Dad loves being Grandpa. Possibly more so than he enjoys being Dad. He loves to play and be silly. He also loves to treat. {Mostly with ice-cream} He's a cheek-squeezer. 
Dad & Mom with the grand-kids this past Christmas.

Of all the traits we may have inherited from Dad, one would most definitely be a passion for taste. Dad is willing to try almost anything, and he knows just what the flavor should be. He is also not afraid to tell me what he thinks I should add to my own recipes. :) Thanks, Dad.

There is so much more I could tell, but really its impossible to wrap up 54 years of living in one blog. Today I am just so thankful I get to call him 'Dad'.

Happy Birthday, Dad.
We cherish you.

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  1. Jealous of those grandbabies for sure! Happy (belated) birthday, Brother Schoonover!



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