Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painted Curtains and Pleated Flower Pillow

Lately I've been itchin' to revamp some things around here. Starting with the usually neglected room of the house: the Master bedroom. No one but us sees it, so its not on top of the priority list.

Loved Dear Lillie's Painted curtains. Little work; big impact! I took a stab at it...

We already had the white drapes so I  just had to pick up  the painter's tape, plastic drop cloth, and of course some paint. {*Mistake- not taking the color I wanted to match-up with. The first  two photos you'll see my tan/beige looks a little on the yellow side.}

First, I measured my stripes by marking every 12 inches, and then taping on the inside line of the white stripe. 

Then I laid  them out on the kitchen floor and started painting. The joints in our tile made this a little tricky, but it worked. {As you can see.. yellow. Repainted with the correct color the next morning}

Very pleased with the finished product!

Probably should have fixed the bottom of the curtains before I started snapping pictures. :)

{Click pictures for a larger view}

I also had this little number stuffed away in a closet. 

Using some fabric I picked up for $2 at Joanne's, an old bed sheet cut into strips and then sergered {serged? what the right word?}, and a broach; I recovered the pillow and somewhat followed this tutorial. {minus the tea-bags} This was a start-to-finish in one nap-time project! 

Two looks- $12! Well, it would  have been only $12  had I purchased the right color paint the first time. So let's say $12 + $9 mistake. Oops. Still... not too shabby.

This weekend my sweet DIY husband and carpenter father-in-law are building us a new bed! Or headboard. Which ever they realistically have time to complete. 
Here is the look we like:

Happy sunny Thursday!


  1. Wow!! It all looks great! Can't wait to see what your new bed looks like! We are going to attempt to fix/refab our thrift store bed this weekend...hopefully it all works out! Have fun :)

  2. Love it, so inspiring:) My bedroom is next.

  3. So inspiring, I may tackle my bedroom soon!

  4. I love this idea! I know what you mean about your master bedroom not feeling love! Great idea, thanks!!! :)

  5. My! You did an awesome job! The results are amazing! Lovely. :o)

  6. This is great! I never would have thought to paint curtains! You would have enjoyed the series I did on the Master Bedroom Makeover! How creative you are! Thanks for linking up with Wisdom Wednesday!



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