Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Menu Printable

I need my menu to be on display. 

If I don't see it, I forget it.
And I forget it, then I forget to thaw it.
And if it's frozen, well then we're getting take-out for dinner... and that defeats the entire purpose of menu planning. 

You can find our weekly menu on side of the fridge; usually handwritten on a nice tacky piece of notebook paper with torn edges. This has worked well.

But now we're gettin' fancy.

My honey-bunny left his laptop at home this morning, so I whipped this up this little number on Publisher. 

{Click to Download and Print for yourself!}

After printing the menu I simply slid it into a clear sheet protector and wrote out my menu with a dry-erase pen. Next week we'll erase and start over.

Now. About yesterday's menu planning. Want to know how it went?

Monday- BBQ Sloppy Joe Sliders & Spinach Salad
Tuesday- Cajun Cabbage & Oven Frieds
Wednesday- Slow-cooker Chicken Thigh w/ Chili Corn, Brown Rice, & Broccoli
Thursday- Asian Turkey Meatballs w/ Lime Dipping Sauce & Bacon Beans
Friday- Mom's Tortilla Soup w/ Juanita's Chips & Caesar Salad
Saturday- Leftovers w/ Something Green
Sunday- Soup Sunday* {youth fundraiser}

Happy Tuesday!


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