Monday, May 14, 2012


Slander. Gossip. Babble. Its everywhere.

And its seems this worldly, fleshly craving has been creeping into what should be a safe haven... the church.

I will admit to you that I have been wanting to broach this subject for a while, but I've waited. I needed to calm down first.

Slander has been showing its ugly face in different circles of my friends and acquaintances, and honestly?? I doesn't make me sad. It makes me angry.

Pardon my directness in saying...
It's not concern. It's not encouraging. Its not love. Its not Christ-like. Its fake.

Why do we keep talking? I began to wonder if the excess of communication tools at our finger-tips has caused us to over-communicate... but I see this problem has been around for generations.

How do we put a stop to this epidemic?

We stop talking. Stop criticizing. Stop informing. Stop "sharing."

We stop listening. We hang up the phone. Delete the text. Maybe we find some new friends.

We pray for discernment. If they're talking to you, they're probably taking about you.

We commit to closing down the blabber and using our words to uplift, encourage, and love others.
Its time to exercise some boldness.
You with me???


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