Friday, September 7, 2012

O Taste and See : Tutorial

"O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is that man that trusteth in Him." -Psalm 34:8

I love this verse. Particularly the reference to tasting
I like the idea of tasting His goodness. Sampling His sweet kindness. Savoring His love.
I love this verse.

And I've had the idea brewing for some time that this verse would find its place in my kitchen. 

This was really a matter of "Use what you already have."
I had this home decor plaque {or whatever you'd call it}

One coat of black latex paint and we're rippin' and roarin'.

I found a pear silhouette simply by 'bing-ing' "pear silhouette", printed, cut, and used to stencil. I used Americana Hauser Light Green.

Now came the longest portion of this project. First, picking the fonts I wanted. Second, using a Xacto knife to carefully cut out each letter to create a stencil. I can now tell you in all honesty it was absolutely not worth the money I saved taking the time to do this myself. Next time I will just order the vinyl! 

After laying out my stencil I painted over the letters using Americana's Bleached Sand. Its a nice, warm creamy color.

This is now one of the first things you see {read} when you enter the kitchen. 

I think this one little piece makes our house feel more like home. :)

Blessed and content,


  1. The results are quite professional. It's lovely and perfect in its new spot!

  2. Wow! That looks great. I love the colors. You are very talented!



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