Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big "Oops!"

You'll never believe what I just did. 

Okay, maybe you will.

To start at the beginning...

I decided when  I got up this morning to gray-wash the mirror in our dining room. Gray-wash... like white-wash but with gray paint.

It was a light gold color and to me seemed too "matchy-matchy" with the frames on the console table.

I taped off the inside of the mirror and mixed equals parts paint and water. {the paint I had left over from painting the upstairs bath}

I like the results. Extremely subtle. Not a big change... just no longer matchy-matchy. A little rustic.

Very subtle.

... and this cute little helper saw me snapping pictures and felt she should be in one.

Then the crazy happened. I just couldn't stop with the gray-wash. 

I ran to the living room and threw a tablecloth under our coffee table.

And officially ruined our coffee table.

It looks like we let Hadley paint it.

And there it is. 

So I think now we are going to turn it into a covered ottoman.  
Here's what were thinking:  Dear Lille Ottoman

Out of control today,


  1. I couldn't help but get tickled... but I think the ottoman would be fabulous!! =)

  2. Love the mirror!

    Me? I'd try first to take that table puppy into the garage or onto a tarp in the yard and simply wash off the paint with elbow grease and some water (not a river). Might be just the look you were after. Who knows?

    1. Wish I had thought of {or read} this before taking some pillows, foam, and a staple gun to the table this morning! ;)

      I think we really like the ottoman. Comfy for the feet!
      I just need to make the cover now.



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